Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, stabilize dentures and recreate your beautiful and confident smile. Implants are an option to consider when replacing teeth because they typically provide a more permanent solution by limiting the work done on adjacent teeth.  

Dr. Henderson will perform an extensive evaluation along with an in office dental CT scan for optimum treatment. The dental CT is a very detailed 3-D image, which Dr. Henderson utilizes to determine if implants are possible or if bone grafting is needed. It aids Dr. Henderson in surgical precision. This will in turn make your visit more comfortable.

The implants themselves are small titanium posts, which are surgically implanted into your jawbone where natural teeth are missing. These posts act like a tooth root substitute. The bone bonds with the implant preventing its deterioration and shrinkage or bone loss, and creates a strong foundation for artificial teeth. In this way, even when natural teeth are missing, facial structure and your smile can be preserved. 

Procedure for Placement of the Implant  

Usually the surgical procedure involves two phases. First the implants have to be placed in their proper areas of the jawbone. The bonding of bone and metal will take from three to six months. During this time you should be able to wear temporary dentures or partials. In certain situations with front teeth, dental implants and crowns can be done in one visit.

When the dental implant is done healing, the second phase of treatment, will begin. Small posts are attached to your implants that will serve as anchors for your artificial teeth. Next, your new teeth are attached to these anchors, covering them completely. 

Total treatment time, from the day the implant is placed until your final crown is placed on the implant, usually takes 4 to 7 months.